Flexible Backing Plates


How It Works

Choose the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate when polishing into tight and hard to reach areas. Normal backing plates too tall to fit underneath door handles, roof racks, and side view mirrors? Choose the solid-state backing plate with an ultra low profile to slip through the cracks for perfect polishing results. The durable 3” backing plate screws onto your machine polisher via the universal fit 5/8’’ – 11 spindle thread. Simply press the rotary mechanism locking button to hold the spindle in place, then screw the backing plate on until it locks snugly in place. The Low Profile Backing Plate uses high quality hook and loop material to hold onto buffing pads and accessories with a solid grip. The solid state stiff backing plate slips into tight corners with laser accuracy, producing superior polishing results. For professional polishing results in tough spots, choose the Low Profile Rotary Backing Plate.

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KKE – Flexible Backing Plates

Why Buy This Product?

  • Standard 5’’ dual action polisher backing plate accepts 5.5” buffing pads and accessories
  • Fits any DA polisher that accepts 5/16’’ – 24 spindle accessories
  • Durable solid state urethane and fiberglass base stands up to any detailing job with rugged dependability
  • Picks up where other backing plates wear, break, and fail
  • Works with any hook-and-loop accessories, including buffing and polishing pads, carpet brushes, waxing pads, and more

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